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The EPF was established in 2013 to raise and administer funds for children who have special needs and their families. The foundation primarily awards treatment grants to help cover the cost of specialized intensive physical therapy at Euro-Peds, a nationally-recognized center for children and young adults who have cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, genetic syndromes, spina bifida and other gross motor disorders.

The EPF believes that EVERY CHILD DESERVES A FIRST STEP; and we know that the expert team at Euro-Peds understands that mobility matters! Whether the child is learning to shift his weight to assist with a transfer, developing balance to sit in a chair or learning to walk, each of these steps gives the child a level of independence, improved function and mobility that matters.

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Euro-Peds Foundation


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Our Upcoming Fundraisers

Euro-Peds Foundation is a new member of the Kroger Community Rewards program. It is simple to register your Kroger Plus Card so that each time you shop, the company will dedicate a small percentage of the sale to ... Read More »


The Euro-Peds Foundation presents the 2016 First Step Gala. Mark your calendars for this amazing event full of fun, cocktails, dinner, the 2016 Pacesetter Awards, silent auction and raffle. Funds raised will benefit ... Read More »

It’s official! Together we helped Euro–Peds Foundation win $10K from KIND Causes. Thank you to everyone who voted and shared the information. Your kindness will enable 7-9 treatment and travel grants so more kids can receive intensive physical therapy at Euro-Peds.

Houston Abilities Expo

Euro-Peds National Center and the Euro-Peds Foundation will have a booth at the Abilities Expo in Houston August 5-7th. If you are in Texas or the surrounding area, please come check out this awesome event! Mel will be presenting on Intensive PT at 1pm on Saturday, August 6th. To RSVP for the presentation, click here. For more information on the Houston Abilities Expo, click here.


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