Meet the Kids

EPF believes EVERY CHILD DESERVES A FIRST STEP. We know the expert team at Euro-Therapies Family Therapy Center understands mobility matters! Whether a child is learning to shift his weight to assist with a transfer, developing balance to sit in a chair or learning to walk, each of these steps gives them a level of independence, improved function and mobility that matters.


Video credit: Kara Crandall. Photo credit: Kara Crandall, Ashley Zoltowski and Kara Sellentine




Emily's First Step
During Emily's first trip to Euro-Peds®, she started to take steps forward while fully supported in a gait trainer, and her ability to cruise furniture improved. Subsequent trips to Euro-Peds® brought amazing gain after amazing gain. Today, Emily walks through her day independently and she has even mastered walking up the stairs. ~Amy K.
 Adriana's First Step
Adriana was two years old when she first attended Euro-Peds®. Her first step was developing her core strength and endurance, which today allows Adriana to assist with standing transfers and to drive her power wheelchair using a head array. Despite being fully dependent on others to provide for her daily needs; Adriana loves being able to independently access her environment using her power wheelchair. ~Patty L.
 Kiera's First Step
Kiera learned to crawl when she was two years old, and she was finally able to explore her world in a way she never could before. She learned to make eye contact, reach for and play with toys, and this led to improved language and communication. Eventually thanks to the dedicated staff at Euro-Peds®, Kiera learned to walk when she was three years old. Her life was changed forever! ~Katheryn E.